Sunday, February 3, 2008

The Way of Holiness

And a highway shall be there, and a way; and it shall be called the Holy Way. The unclean shall not pass over it, but it shall be for the redeemed; the wayfaring men, yes, the simple ones and fools, shall not err in it and lose their way.

Isaiah 35:8 (Amplified Bible)
The scriptural prophecies reveal that, during "the stream of time", at some specific moment, a way would be open – related to the worship of God – a way that would be called THE WAY OF HOLINESS.

We must notice this Way of Holiness had to happen at the exact time and place arranged by The Great Creator Himself – Jehovah, The God of The Truth and the True Master of all The Universe and time. He would give all the necessary guidance – by His Spirit – to His Delegate, to enlight all the things regarding the time this WAY OF HOLLINESS would be open and, also, the way someone must walk on it.

Many things about these details were, and still are, revealed, by the pages of this booklet, called "The Reaper". For example, there was a problem that had to be fixed: "which is the desert where that WAY had to be open". But this couldn't be clearly explained until the true identity of "the man of lawlessness" had been revealed, because he was meant to be the creator of that "desert". In connection to this prophetical discovery, we must say that many secret things, "sealed" until now (at the end of times), are better understood.

We must clearly understand it was God's will for those who want to walk on this WAY OF HOLINESS. Those who reached a high level of understanding in regard to these prophetical things that clear up these problems must decide if they want to walk on this WAY or not. Let us all regard these things with much consideration, understanding that walking on the WAY is totaly different than any other thing we knew before.

It is time for us to express our freedom of choice, more evidently than ever. We must notice the walk on the WAY is conditioned by Jehovah Himself. Those who want to walk on IT must understand that walking means not doing what they would please, but what Jehovah says. They have to recognize this is the truth about true worship and to get out of the places they are living, then join this WAY (certified by Jehovah as the only true WAY for those who worship Him "in spirit and truth" to walk on).

Anyone who dares to believe that he could walk on this WAY guided by his own senses is totaly wrong, because the time has come for Jehovah to reveal every deed, no matter how secretly it was done. So we must get serious with these things and be well prepared to enter this WAY and walk on it in harmony with the will of our Great God, Jehovah.

It is not a man who sets the statute of this WAY, but Jehovah, in accordance with His right laws and rules. That's why we must completly agree with everything he sets about this WAY.
Those who want to walk on IT have to acknowdlege the theocratic order he fairly and impartialy set. We should look diligently, according to Jehovah's will, that no man among us "fails of the grace of God; and there be no fornicator or profane person, as Esau" (Hebrew, 12:15, 16) and no one who keeps the lawlessness secret.

We admit we must obey Jehovah's requirements about fellowship.

First of all, we subscribe to Jehovah's commandment, given to us by His Son Jesus Christ: to disclose all the things Jehovah revealed to us. We have to cooperate, gathered by the Truth and not by selfish purposes. We will promote the interests of the Kingdom, above anything else. Understanding the truth Jehovah is revealing to us at this time, we are utterly determined to remove any wrong teaching and firmly reject those who promote it, no matter how able or gentle they may be in preaching it.

We arrived at this clear state of understanding prophetical things revealed so far and we are completely determined "to walk the same" on this WAY (Phil. 3:16).

We cannot allow our Christian unity to be undermined by selfishness, so we won't allow any selfish or insincere people among us.

We know God's point of view regarding charity and generosity, and we totaly agree with it. That's why we agree to urgently help any brother in trouble or shortage.

Also, we are to respect the Biblical truth, from Galatians, 6:10: "let us do good to all people, especially to those who belong to the family of believers".

Regarding the activities of our Christian group, we commit ourselves to obey the rules of The Almighty God, Jehovah, and not follow any human arrangement. Therefore, we state we shall acomplish the "mission" our great Leader – Jesus Christ – gave us: to preach the Biblical truth according to our own knowledge, without any permission or appointment requested by national or international organization or forums of any kind. This was our predecesors (the Apostles) attitude. Here is their position, that we totaly embrace: "We ought to obey God rather than men" (Acts, 5:29)

This does not mean disobedience for the laws at all. And we also consider the freedom of speach.
We are not an esoteric organization featured by immoral or antisocial deeds, but we are lead by the highest moral, fair and correct rules (which we have in our minds) of the Word of God. These are the rules we want to present to others.

Our purpose is not to gain followers by teaching the knowledge we obtained from the Scriptures, in a flattering, artful or corruptible way.

We use our publication, called THE REAPER, to spread the Biblical truth. It is completely based on this truth and it is made under the guidance of Jehovah's Spirit.

The costs of editing are supported by us, the members of this Christian group , from voluntary donations.

As followers of our Lord Jesus Christ, and of the Apostles, we proudly bear the name of "Christian" – "a worshipper of Jehovah, on the HOLY WAY".

Blessed be Thy name, Jehovah, now and forever!


Anonymous said...

Who are you?


John S said...


I am glad I read most of the article above. I see you are diligently searching the meaning of the scriptures and have awakened to the deviltry of WT.

I write also about the need to worship Father with spirit and truth. This is at

Possibly you have been there? Be blessed in your search and desire to magnify Jehovah and his son.

Brother John S