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“The Beast” – The Tool of Punishment

Jehovah organized things along the time in such a way that He left a possibility for all those who have sincere hearts so that after their sincere search they were able to find Him. Here is what we read in the Holy Scriptures:

“ …He determined the times set for them and the exact places where they should live. God did this so that men would seek Him and perhaps reach out for Him and find Him, though He is not far from each one of us.” (Acts 17: 26b, 27)

Back, in the old times, Moses said, under the guidance of the Holy Ghost, the following:
“When the Most High gave the nations their inheritance, when He divided all mankind, He set up boundaries for the peoples according to the number of the sons of Israel .

For the Lord's portion is His people, Jacob His allotted inheritance.” (Deuteronomy 32: 8, 9)
About the way in which Jehovah worked with His people we find a first proof in the verses 11 and 12 of the same chapter:

“like an eagle that stirs up its nest and hovers over its young, that spreads its wings to catch them and carries them on its pinions. The Lord alone led him; no foreign god was with him.”

The prophet Isaiah in chapter 63 makes a confirmation of this way of treating Jehovah's people, where we read:

“He said, “ Surely they are my people, sons who will not be false to me" and so He became their Saviour ". ( vers 8).

Here we notice the fact that Jehovah was expecting these children to be faithful. But things were not like this along the time. Actually, they became as Moses said:

“Jeshurun grew fat and kicked.” (Deuteronomy 32: 15)

Was Jehovah indifferent to this? Certainly not because He took the proper measures according to His Perfect Justice. And this happened not once but every time it was necessary no matter of the moment when the disobedience took place. Here is what Moses said concerning the attitude of this people:

“They made him jealous with their foreign gods and angered him with their detestable idols.” (Deuteronomy 32: 16)

The word “abomination” is often met with in the Holy Scriptures showing the true image of God's people. Jesus Christ referred to such an image, which would appear in the final days when He said:

“So when you see standing in the holy place the abomination that causes desolation, spoken of through the prophet Daniel…” (Matthew 24: 15)

We notice the remark Jesus has made concerning the fact that the prophet Daniel talked about this “abomination”. But Jehovah spoke through other prophets too about this. Here is for example what the prophet Jeremiah said in a very inspiring way:

“The people of Judah have done evil in my eyes …they have set up their detestable idols in the house that bears my Name and have defiled it.” (Jeremiah 7: 30)

This is Jehovah's declaration regarding His people from Jeremiah's times. But we can notice that Jesus quoted the prophet Daniel because he had spoken about what was going to happen in the final days, a period of time that was just put under discussion by His disciples.

As “the people of Judah have done evil” and in this way they settled the abomination in the house of Jehovah, the same was about to happen in the last days, in the Temple , that is the house of Jehovah. Here would settle the opponent or the evil, who would do bad things bringing along, thus, the abomination. (Acts 20: 30)

But let us see definitely the things that are referred to in the Holy Scriptures. Here is what Jehovah said regarding the abomination that existed even in the old times in His eyes. His people were guilty of this abomination even in the times of the prophet Jeremiah.

“Both prophet and priest are godless even in my temple…” (Jeremiah 23: 11)

In the verse 14 we read: “And among the prophets of Jerusalem I have seen something horrible: They commit adultery and live a lie. They strengthen the hands of evildoers, so that no one turns from his wickedness.”

The same kind of abomination was to be found in the Holy Place in those last days as Jesus Christ said. (Matthew 24: 15) Therefore the punishment came according to the warning that was given:

“Then the carcasses of this people will become food for the birds of the air and the beasts of the earth…” (Jeremiah 7: 33)

Moreover, in the verse 34 we continue to read: “I will bring an end to the sounds of joy and gladness and to the voices of bride and bridegroom in the towns of Judah and the streets of Jerusalem , for the land will become desolate.” (Jeremiah 7: 34)

The “country” truly became desolate or, in other words the true worship was emptied of any meanings because “the sounds of joy and gladness” in “the voices of bride or bridegroom” have stopped.

The bridegroom – Jesus Christ; “the bride” – the group of those anointed who do not break their pledge with Jehovah. (Here we have to understand clearly the fact that breaking the pledge with Jehovah does not by far mean getting out of the religious organization of the witnesses of Jehovah. This would be absurd!)

So, the songs of the bridegroom and the bride, of the two witnesses in fact have stopped because they were “killed”.(Revelation 11:3, 7)

In exchange, in the country thus left desolate other kinds of songs were heard, the strangers' songs. And they continue to be heard even now but not for long. Otherwise, we have to explain very clearly the fact that these strangers cannot convey the deep significance of the prophecies in the Scriptures. We can give an example from the book edited by these strangers, entitled “Let us pay attention to Daniel's prophecy”. In chapter 11, page 196, paragraph 30 it is said that “…the roman troops, carrying flags or standards which showed their idolatry entered the city and started to dig under the north wall of the temple. The fact that they were there transformed everything into an abomination…” In the year 70 A.D. the Romans led by the general Titus came like a flood and devastated the city and the temple”. We notice the fact that the attackers were an instrument, a tool of punishment. Therefore, not the attacker was the abomination but the evil practices that these people were using. These were the abomination.

It is obvious that the explanation given, that of “slave” does not hold any ground on the Bible and therefore, untrustworthy! Moreover, no explanation was given regarding the achievement of these prophecies in the final days, as we have seen that Jesus Christ referred to above.

It is absolutely vital to make light in this respect – of course, under the guidance of the Holy Spirit of Jehovah because the time for it has arrived.

The settlement of the abomination in the Holy Place in the final days was about to have the same consequences like in the old times. And this happens because Jehovah always carries out His Word with faith. Jehovah Himself declared:

“I make known the end from the beginning, from ancient times, what is still to come. I say: My purpose will stand, and I will do all that I please.” (Isaiah 46: 10)

Let us analyse in what follows what has been said prophetically since the beginning about Jehovah's reaction to the disobedience of the people. Moses, inspired by the Holy Ghost said:
“The Lord saw this and rejected them because he was angered by his sons and daughters. I will hide my face from them, he said, and see what their end will be; for they are a perverse generation, children who are unfaithful.” (Deuteronomy 32: 19, 20)

Then, Jehovah continues with the following:

“They made me jealous by what is no god and angered me with their worthless idols.” (Deuteronomy 32: 21a)

So, Jehovah decides:

“I will make them envious by those who are not a people; I will make them angry by a nation that has no understanding.” (Deuteronomy 32: 21b)

And then, Jehovah, indignant says:

“For a fire has been kindled…”(Deuteronomy 32: 22a) and thus, states: “I will send wasting famine against them, consuming pestilence and deadly plague; I will send against them the fangs of wild beasts, the venom of vipers that glide in the dust.”(Deuteronomy 32: 24)

Jehovah's anger, fully justified – could have produced a complete destruction, as we read further on:

“I said I would scatter them and blot out their memory from mankind.”

But look what Jehovah said:

“But I dread the taunt of the enemy, lest the adversary misunderstand and say, ” (Deuteronomy 32: 27)

Concerning the fact that these things could not be understood earlier but only when Jehovah established the right time. He Himself said:

“Have I not kept this in reserve and sealed it in my vaults?”
(Deuteronomy 32: 34)

Has it really happened everything that Jehovah said it would in relation to “ His sons and daughters”? Certainly. The prophet Amos also predicted the fact that the country was about to be invaded by hunger. And so it happened. Since Jehovah did not discover anything during the rule of “the wrongdoing man” all the country was overcome with hunger. So, lacking the clear explanations of prophecies the people who made a pledge with Jehovah were suffering from hunger. And, here, once again we see Jehovah's words coming true. The same happened in the case of “diseases”(of course we are talking about diseases at a spiritual level)

The prophet Ezekiel was inspired to write about the situation in which those who had made the commitment with Jehovah would come and he writes the following:

“They try to get a vision from the prophet; the teaching of the law by the priest will be lost, as will the counsel of the elders.”(Ezekiel 7: 26)

Let us see further on Jehovah's declaration concerning “the wild animals”, the beasts. “I will send wild animals against you…” (Leviticus 26: 22)

But what are really “the wild animals” that we are talking about here? It is certain that only God's word can contain data for the identification of “the wild animals”. The apostle Paul said:”I fought wild beasts in Ephesus …”(1 Corinthians 15: 32)

Who was Paul talking about here we can understand from his own words. He said: “But I will stay on at Ephesus until Pentecost, because a great door for effective work has opened to me, and there are many who oppose me” (1Corinthians 16: 8, 9)

Here we can easily notice the fact that the apostle was calling “wild animals” those who opposed him and those he fought with. About this kind of “wild animals” and opponents we find written proofs in relation to those last days that they would settle in the temple. Here is what we found concerning this:

“…the man of lawless is revealed, the man doomed to destruction. He will oppose and will exalt himself over everything that is called God or is worshiped, so that he sets himself up in God's temple, proclaiming himself to be God.” (2 Thessalonians 2: 3b, 4)

This category also has the name of wild animals in the Holy Scriptures. The fact that they were going to settle in the temple and that this really happened is a certainty, a reality. From the temple, with the rights that he assumed he tells to the whole world that he and only he says the truth and only through him we can find redemption. And this is clearly a serious error!
This wild animal was to fight with “the saints” (the anointed who did not break their pledge with Jehovah) and was to defeat them. It settled in the temple in 1942 and was to act as the prophets had already said that it would.

In chapter 13 in John's Revelation, “the wild animal” is described as containing “the wild beasts” from Daniel's visions. Following this lead we will find amazing things! But first we will examine some dates and some historical events that mark the origin and the evolution of this monster – the beast, because in chapter 17 in the Revelation we are told that “once was, now is not, and will come up out of the Abyss and go to his destruction.”(Revelation 17:8)

As we have already noticed on the grounds of the Holy Scriptures, the beast is but the opponent within those who worship Jehovah. In Daniel's prophecy, the representations of this beast, four in number are related to the beast's actions in different periods of time.

In accordance with the natural understanding it is said that it is impossible that the beast was in the middle of God's people and yet this is the reality. There is clear evidence, undisputable proofs concerning the beast's actions.

Documents in the archive speak distinctly about the existence of the beast since the time of the first president of the Watch Tower Society. We have here a quote from “The Break of Day” magazine, number 10/15, May 1931, under the heading “Interesting Letters” at page 16: “Our beloved brother Rutherford!…We are very glad to work for you and against your aggressors and to watch your rest. Similar experiences come to our minds, that brother Russell had to oppose and he also worked against them like you did. As he saw them coming from the alluring one, he did not pay any attention to them.”

So, we notice that the beast had already appeared since the time of brother Russel and it was still there when brother Rutherford came to the management of the society. In conclusion, with relation to these periods of time that we talked about we say it out loud that the beast was there.
We strengthen this statement with another reason that we found in the book: “Jehovah's witnesses, the proclaimers of God's Kingdom” at page 67: “Some, especially in the headquarters of the Society were really hostile to brother Rutherford. Four members of the board of directors of the Society have gone so far as to take control of the administration from Rutherford ”.
Now, it was about to come that period known in the Holy Scriptures, as “it's no more”. And it started as we see in the book that we were talking about. At page 67 we read on:” …there was a big announcement, which arose amazement: the four hostile directors were dismissed and brother Rutherford had named other four brothers in their places. What was the reaction?
We go on with page 68: “On 8th August, the frustrated ex-directors and their supporters left the Betel family, they were invited to leave because of the disturbance they caused. The opponents' efforts to take control have failed.”

Once these opponents were eliminated the period known in the Scriptures as “it's no more” started. In this way the activity of this opponent part, of this beast faded away. But for how long? Exactly after brother Rutherford's death. Then it was the perfect time for the opponent side to get their hands on the management of the Society. Very soon they helped someone whom they preferred to be on the top position in the Society, namely, Nathan Knorr, who later would propose and accomplish together with his associates a new version of the Scriptures that was called “The New World's Translation”. This book proves to be the reference of “every sort of evil that deceives.”(2 Thessalonians 2:11)

People proved to be and still do merely inclined to find teachers, like it was prophesied: “…they will gather around them a great number of teachers to say what their itching ears want to hear.”(2 Timothy 4: 3)

And, thus the opponent side has settled in the temple. In 1945 the number of the beast's heads appear clearly by the election of the board of the Society formed out of seven people. At page 100 of the book “Jehovah's witnesses, proclaimers of God's Kingdome” there is a picture of the seven heads, whose names we give in what follows: Lyman Swingle, Thomas Sullivan, Grant Suiter, Hugo Riemer, Nathan Knorr, Frederick Franz, Milton Henschel.

Thus, the beast, which according to the prophecy had to rise, did rise after all. It's obvious that the saints were killed by its victory. This beast has risen from the Depths that actually mean a state of darkness but at a spiritual level.

If in chapter 13: 1of the Revelation it is shown that it rises from the sea, we see here clearly that it indicates its origin, the sea meaning in fact the great mass of humankind. In this new position that the beast has acquired it rules like an empress but this would come to an end: “You thought<>” (Isaiah 47: 7) because as the prophecy says the beast is going to “eternal destruction” (Revelation 17: 8)

Those who worship it are the beast's worshipers. But this does not mean that all those who are in its subordination are its worshipers because there are a lot of honest people who were deceived but, as the Holy Bible says they will be set free. Jehovah Himself says:

“For I will rescue my people from your grasp, then you will know that I am the Lord.” (Ezekiel 13: 23b)

First of all Jehovah refers to His saints whom did the beast defeat. But now He brings comfort to them and to those who cry together with them. Not only comfort but also healing and guidance as it was said in Isaiah 57: 18. Now Jehovah gives the last warning to the blasphemous beast. (Isaiah 47: 5)

It is obvious that in front of the real proofs that Jehovah has brought against it, this beast will be forced to remain quiet, that is, it will not be able to counteract the arguments. Then, after Jehovah informs the beast that due to His anger He gave His people in its hands. He also warns it like this:

“Now then, listen, you wanton creature, lounging in your security and saying to yourself, I am and there is none besides me. I will never be a widow or suffer the loss of children. Both of these will overtake you in a moment, on a single day: loss of children and widowhood. They will come upon you in full measure, in spite of your many sorceries and all your potent spells.”(Isaiah 47: 8, 9)

Therefore, in spite of all the means used to delude and to mislead, the beast would be uncovered and “I will show the nations your nakedness and the kingdoms your shame.”(Nathum 3: 5) The great delusion appeared at the same time with the wrong explanation that was given concerning the application of Jesus Christ's sacrifice of redemption that made people believe that even the greatest sins, that is those sins which were willingly done can be compensated. In this way a great blasphemy was brought upon the name of Jehovah and that's why the following words are true for the entire assembly run by the beast: “As it is written: “ (Romans 2: 24)

The beast has also got “ten horns”. We are talking about the symbol that it represents, of course, the same as that one from Zechariah 8: 23, who defined those “peoples and powerful nations” in the courtyard of the temple (in fact they do not belong to the temple, to those anointed). But to those does the beast grant authority. In fact the prophet Daniel says in a very inspired moment:
“He will greatly honor those who acknowledge him. He will make them rulers over many people and will distribute the land at a price.” (Daniel 11: 39b)

And in this way it is established the true identity of” the king of the south and the north” who is also mentioned in verse 36 which connects us with the verses 5 and 6 from the Revelation, chapter 13 and with 2 Thessalonians 2: 4. (You should analyze these verses very carefully!)
The prophet Zechariah talking about the same horns says: “and there before me were four horns! “(Zechariah 1: 18) This number indicates the fact that these horns come from all four corners of the earth, as a matter of fact from within all the peoples of the world. Concerning these horns it is shown in the prophecy that they scattered Judah , Israel and Jerusalem .
(Zechariah 1: 19) but in the verse 20 it is also shown that “four craftsmen” were designated, who “have come to terrify them and throw down these horns of the nations who lifted up their horns against the land of Judah to scatter its people.” (Zechariah 1: 2)

Of course the beast very easily deceived the people of the world because it used all the materials of the Society, which actually started the work of announcement of the biblical truth. On the other hand, no one believed that something like that could happen. Concerning this aspect Jehovah inspired the prophet Habakkuk to write the following:

“For I am going to do something in your days that you would not believe even if you were told.” (Habakkuk 1: 5b)

Once they got to the management of the society, they could easily “introduce destructive heresies.” (2 Peter 2: 1)

Another delusion for many people was the fact that they noticed the crowds that gathered around these “teachers”. But hasn't it been yet prophesied that: “Many will follow their shameful ways and will bring the way of truth into disrepute” (2 Peter 2: 2)

Another aspect of the beast is presented in the verse 11, chapter 13 in the Revelation. Here we see that this beast rises from the ground. Let us analyze what this means.

As it was previously mentioned, the new leadership that took control of the society in 1945 foremost of whom Knorr edited the book “The Translation of the New World”, which distorted a lot of information in God's word, despite the warning that the Holy Scriptures gave with regard to this.

Thus, it was proven that these people have left Jehovah – “the spring of the living water”. And here is what Jehovah said about these individuals: “Those who turn away from you will be written in the dust because they have forsaken the Lord, the spring of the living water” (Jeremiah 17: 13b)

So, in spite of their statements and their claims of being part of the sky, they have become dust. This is one of the horns, like a lamb's horn. The other horn is exactly the part which was assigned authority and which is shown as being, hopefully, earthly. These horns are like lamb's horns, meaning that they come in the Name of God's Lamb. But next, we are shown that the beast having this appearance was speaking like a dragon. What does this mean? Let us think about it a little. How does a dragon speak? How did it speak in the Garden of Eden when it misled the original couple? Hasn't it spoken by altering God's words?

The same type of speech was imposed on the beast also for it could deceive the people of the world. The picture of “the original beast” is the tool of deceivement, that is the same book we were talking about – “The Translation of the New World ” which the beast indicates and submits to all as being the basic tool in the discovery of truth. Such a serious error! And precisely they who talk about other religions, sects or denominations do this kind of thing when they themselves do it.

All those who consider this picture as being what it claims to be are worshipers of “the beast and his image” (Revelation 14: 9) On the other hand, those who do not worship the beast and its image are “killed”, that is they are denied and banished from within this group of so-called witnesses and, thus “they don't buy and don't sell the rich spiritual asset” given by the slave! Only those who worship the beast and its image have the sign of the beast!
Concerning the reckoning of the beast's number, 666 we have to understand that time has come for Jehovah to give the necessary wisdom and knowledge to His messenger in order to be able to reckon the number of the beast. The expression “for he is a number of man” helps us understand that it's something concerning the things that are guided by people within the frame of an organized system, but which does not correspond to God's requirements.
During this debate we have noticed that this beast is nothing else but the class of the opponents who settled in the temple as it was prophesied and thus, in relation with this organized system it is indicated to reckon the number of the beast.

So, let us see how we can find this number. At page 109 of the book “Jehovah's witnesses, proclaimers of God's Kingdom”, in the second paragraph the following appear:

“Starting with 1 st January 1976 all the activities of the Watch Tower Society and of all the congregations of Jehovah's witnesses in the entire world have entered under the supervision of six administrative committees of the government corps."

(And here we have the first six)

Then, we read on:

“In accordance with this measure, on 1 st February 1976 a similar modification took place in every branch of the society."

(And this is the second six)

Then, going down to the third step – the congregation we observe that there is a committee, which handles all the problems of the congregation. This committee is formed out of six members (and here is the third six) with the following functions and responsabilities:

1 – president;
2 – secretary;
3 – accountant;
4 – the supervisor of the minister school;
5 – the supervisor of the ministry service;
6 – the person who is in charge of the literature department.

All these together represent the number 666!

Under the guidance of the Holy Spirit of Jehovah there will be more debates in the future concerning the beast or as the prophet Daniel says “the wild animal”. And all these happen because we approach very rapidly to the moment of the liberation of Jehovah's saints whom the beast defeated. With the true judgment that follows this beast will be “taken the domination and completely destroyed forever”.

“But the court will sit and his power will be taken away and completely destroyed forever. Then the sovereignty, power and greatness of the kingdoms under the whole heaven will be handed over to the saints, the people of the Most High. His kingdom will be an everlasting kingdom and all rulers will worship and obey him.” (Daniel 7: 26b, 27)

So now “a breath of life from God” will enter inside these saints.(Revelation 11: 11) Of course, this thing will bring along not only amazement (2 Thessalonians 1: 10) but also a severe earthquake (Revelation 11: 13)

Then the following events show the fact that “the kingdom of the world” will become “the kingdom of our Lord and of his Christ, and He will reign for ever and ever” (Revelation 11: 15)

My beloved brothers, these wonderful things discovered in these times by Jehovah through his Holy Spirit are the quintessence of “the song of Moses, the servant of God and the songs of the Lamb” that “those had been victorious over the beast and his image and over the number of his name” (Revelation 15: 2, 3)

So, “sing to the Lord a new song for he has done marvelous things” (Psalm 98:1)

So, “rise and sing the song about Moses and the Lamb! ”

Now, you all that believe in Jehovah, rise your voices singing together with me!

Praise be to you, Jehovah for ever and ever!


Matt Barrie said...

you have obviously worked hard at this blog, which I commend you for. However you are falling into the same trap that the wtbs have fallen into, that prophecy in the Holy Bible applies to them.They apply it positively,you negatively. They have never been "God's channel" and aren't important enough for passages in scripture to apply to them.

Chaplain Patrick said...

Hello Brother,
The Jehovah Witnesses might very well be a "type" of the beast. But I do believe that they fell into apostasy much like the Roman Catholic Church which would represent the fuller concept of the beast. Both came from truth but became conceited and full of their own glory, creating a corrupt system in which they alone speak for God. Those outside of their earthly organization are outside of God's will.

Pearl Doxsey said...

No other religion can fulfill this one description...
Jer.7:10,11,14,30; 25:29,30

Tom Murray said...

While it is true that the jws have created a mini Catholic church, they are not in anyway the beast. The beast is the civil arm of the false church. . That beast has teeth and forces the people to recognize her as God's spokesman. This was the Roman Church prior to 1799. Today who cares what the jws teach? It is error yes, but one is free to listen or free to laugh in their face. there are no consequences. There is no ravishing beast. Only a group of self promoting, self worshipping fools. They did and continue to cause sifting among true Christians, particularly when Rutherford took over the watchtower, causing much confusion among faithful Christians.

veghetorul said...

Omule, scrii o groaza de prostii si aberatii in limba romana apoi te mai faci de ras si in fata cititorilor de limba engleza. Oricat de mult i-ai uri pe martori sau pe cei din conducerea lor, sa spui ca cele 7 capete ale fiarei sunt cei 7 directori WTS din anii 40-50 este una dintre cele mai stupide interpretari ale Revelatiei pe care le-am citit.

John Jones said...

Dear Brother Gavril,

Thank you for sharing this insight.

The Bible Students who took the name Jehovah's Witnesses are unique from the other so-called Christian organizations because they entered a covenant with Almighty God when those chose to adopt His name. They had and still have an obligation to Him to bear that Name honorably. They have not and this makes Jehovah's Witnesses especially accountable to God unlike others.

The use of the word "strangers" is quite appropriate in describing the leadership of Jehovah's Witnesses. The elder arrangement sets uncircumcised spiritual gentile ( the openly confess they are not anointed with Holy Spirit) as teachers and overseers of those who are. That is an absurdity. It doesn't make any sense.

But as you point out, it was foretold that this had to occur before the End.

Thank's again!

Maria Rosalia said...
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Maria Rosalia said...

I would love to be able to understand your articles but unfortunately your English is very broken.

jose luis mendes said...
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jose luis mendes said...

De facto, este depoimento é muito favorável às palavras do Profeta Jeremias no capitulo 7
versiculo 10, "e então vireis, e vos poreis diante de mim nesta casa, que se chama pelo meu nome, e direis: Somos livres, podemos fazer todas estas abominações? 11 É, pois, esta casa, que se chama pelo meu nome, uma caverna de salteadores aos vossos olhos? Eis que eu, eu mesmo, vi isso, diz o Senhor.12 Mas ide agora ao meu lugar, que estava em Siló,
Onde, no princípio, fiz o nosso nome, e vede o que faz, por causa da maldade
do meu povo de Israel. 13 Agora, pois, porquanto fazeis todas estas obras, diz o Senhor,
e eu vos falei, madrugando e Falando, e não ouvistes, chamei-vos, e não respondestes,
14 farei também uma esta casa, que se chama pelo meu nome, na qual confiais, e este lugar,
que vos dei a vós e a vossos pais, como fiz a Siló.15 E vos arrojarei da minha presença,
como arrojei a todos os vossos irmãos, toda uma geração de Efraim. "

Só existe uma denominação religiosa que é conhecida pelo nome de " Testemunhas de Jeová ".
W.T -
Tirem como vossas conclusões!

Pop Gavril said...

Ati facut o prezentare si un istoric al MARTORILOR LUI IEHOVA dar multe lucruri reale si importante au fost lasate pedinafara de exemplu; data concreta cand societatea a declarat ca DE ASTAZI SANTEM ORGANIZATIA RELIGIOASA MARTORII LUI IEHOVA. Ce sa intamplat dupa anul 1947 dupa conferinta de la Londra unde au fost cnvocati sefi de stat si de guvern si primul punct pe ordinea de zi a fost CE FACEM CU MARTORII LUI IEHOVA ca numarul creste alarmant de mare si ei toti nu respecta legile statului in care traiesc? Concluzia de la sfarsitul conferintei a fost ;; din toate corporatiunile de spionaj [kgb,,fbi ]sietc. se aleg oameni tineri si isteti si se infiltreaza in societatea lor din sua , si rezultatul s-a vazut foarte repede si acuma e chiar izbitor la ochi . Acuma totul a fost denaturat si rastalmacit in favoarea lor. ss POP